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    • Now even your mobile can be tapped! An Israeli firm has a sting gadget for Rs 25 lakh, sold through the internet. The

  • Wary of mining

    Wary of mining

    The residents of La Sierra de Perija, in the oil producing state of Zulia in west Venezuela, recently launched a strong protest opposing coal mining in the area. The Bar

  • South Asia

    Bully's immunity: Bangladesh is witnessing a nationwide protest against the government's move to allow blanket immunity to the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The

  • Rattled


    Never since the times of the Pied Piper of Hamelin were rats so dangerous. Only this time the menace is far greater. Thousands of hectares of China's major rice and cotton belt in Hunan province have

  • Millions suffer

    Millions suffer

    Nature typically distributes its bounty paradoxically, as is evident in China, which is suffering flood and drought simultaneously. Over 7.6 million people in the country's rural areas have been hit

  • EU ministers clash on GMOs Again

    European Union (eu) farm ministers once again revealed their long-standing rift over genetically modified ( gm ) food. At a recent meet in Luxembourg, proposals to approve new gm imports and to

  • Thirsty and dirty

    City doesn t dig too deep for basics

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    • Argentines protesting against two pulp mill projects in Uruguay ended weeks-long road blockades as the two countries begin negotiations on the environmental safety of the plants. • The

  • Chinnajalalapuram village

    Chinnajalalapuram village

    Singanamala <i>mandal</i>, Anantapur district

  • Snippets

    &#149; The Indonesian volcano Mount Merapi recently erupted, nearly destroying a village and forcing thousands of residents to evacuate (see

  • Foul play in Katrina, Rita relief operations

    Foul play in Katrina, Rita relief operations

    More than US $2 billion has been defrauded in Hurricane Katrina and Rita relief operations. The amount is nearly 11 per cent of the total funds spent by the Federal Emergency Management Agency on

  • Waste dumping hits roadbock in Goa

    A proposal by the Panaji municipality to make Baiguinim in old Goa a permanent waste disposal site has hit a roadblock after protests by local people and heritage experts. Spread over an area of

  • Argentine firm won't dump toxic waste into Peru's rainforest

    ACHUAR Indian communities in northern Peru forests called off their 15-day-long protest after the government and the Argentine oil drilling firm, Pluspetrol Norte, signed an agreement to stop dumping

  • Small range, greater threat

    A study published in PloS Biology (Volume 4, No 7, July 2006) reveals a direct link

  • Multilevel problem

    Delhi's parking plans will further subsidise private cars -- and increase congestion The current understanding of multilevel parking is quite poor. Typically, the cost of structured parking

  • Bad example

    In court, Vedanta's lawyers repeatedly said they would emulate the "successful' land reforestation undertaken by NALCO, in its mining area on the Panchpat Mali hill range. The company has received

  • Poor trade offs

    Two-wheelers are the latest victim of the fight to get a better brand image for low-cost cars. Industry says cars typically provide a higher level of emissions control than two-wheelers. The limited data churned out by ARAI show that while hydrocarbon and CO emissions from two-wheelers can be as high or surpass those of petrol cars, NOx and particulate matter levels that pose a serious health challenge are several times lower than diesel cars. Moreover, on a per passenger basis, a car emits two times more compared to a two-wheeler and four times more compared to a bus. <br>

  • Winning the war

    Initially, the management of common property and its resources had never been contentious in Bunga. However, the status of the village's HRMS was threatened when the state government passed the

  • Fair games

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Beijing. Has he brought back a message for Delhi? Back in India the capital city of Delhi, which is gearing up to host the

  • In Short

    danger spilling out: Mexico's oil monopoly Pemex recently confirmed the fifth fuel spill in the past four months, even as authorities quoted a requirement of US $9 billion to repair the country's

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