• General Motors workers lose job security

    General Motors workers lose job security

    a strike by 73,000 workers against the largest automobile company in the us was called off 48 hours after the workers had begun picketing. The first nationwide strike in 37 years against General

  • Those they arm

    Since June 2005, Dantewada district (formerly part of Bastar district), Chhattisgarh, has been in the news for an alleged uprising of adivasis against Naxalites. At that time media and government

  • Angkor Wat  city that lived and died by the environment

    Angkor Wat city that lived and died by the environment

    The famous temple site of Angkor Wat was once much more than that. A new map shows that the magnificent temples were part of a huge urban sprawl, with an extensive rural hinterland. People here

  • India: be the party pooper

    US President George Bush played host to a party of the top polluters of the world called to discuss climate change. He exhorted his guests that the world needed to act and called for a new approach

  • Last salt days

    Nearly 200 ha of salt lands in the Krishnapatnam village in the Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh have been acquired by the state government for a series of

  • Report card of NREGA in Orissa

    Of the Rs 700 crore allotted for the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Orissa, Rs 500 crore has been siphoned off by officials, says a survey by the Centre for Environment and Food

  • Uneasy escape

    National Highway 57 which connects Darbhanga and Muzaffarpur

  • Here too

    In Uttar Pradesh, the floods affected 22 districts. The worst hit were Maharajgani, Basti, Balia, Gorakpur, Shravasti, Barabanki, Devria, Bairampur, Gonda, Bhraich, Mau and Azamgarh. The state

  • No safe play

    The Teesta has one of the highest sediment rates in the world, with an annual load of about 3.5 to 4.5 million tonnes. Yet so far, there's been no study done on the cumulative impact of dams on

  • Do or die

    Rainfed areas will have to be the focus for India's future agricultural revival. But as the past shows we need a different paradigm of development. "Rainfed areas require approaches to agricultural

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