Drive against diesel

Drive against diesel protest by the residents of Maitidevi in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, against diesel-driven three-wheelers (Vikram tempos) reached a flashpoint on April 14. Police had to resort to lathicharge when harassed residents started pelting stones at the offending vehicles. The people are demanding that diesel vehicles should not be allowed to ply in their neighbourhood.

Vehicular pollution, specially that created by diesel vehicles, is becoming a major problem in the city. Diesel fumes are known to contain suspended particulate matter (spm ) which in turn contain minute particles referred to as pm 10 and pm 2.5. These are known to be highly carcinogenic. There is a growing awareness in Nepal about the health hazards posed by diesel.

Gradually, more and more people living not only in Maitidevi but other areas of northeastern Kathmandu, such as Baneswor, Gausala, Chabahil and Bauddha, are voicing their protest against Vikrams, as these are the most visible forms of air pollution.

According to the department of transport management ( dotm ), Kathmandu, there are 5,181 registered three-wheelers in Nepal

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