Full and final settlement?

  • 30/07/1997

By 2002, the formulation and elaboration of national strategies for sustainable development should be completed, and efforts by developing countries to effectively implement national strategies should be supported.

Freshwater : It identifies an urgent need to formulate and implement policies and programmes for integrated watershed management; strengthen regional and international cooperation for technology transfer and the financing of integrated water resources programmes and projects.

Consumption patterns : Concept of eco-efficiency introduced, energy and material efficency targets agreed upon.

Poverty : Priority actions include: improving access to sustainable livelihoods; providing universal access to basic social services; interested donors and recipients should work together to allocate increased shares of Overseas Development Assistance to poverty eradication.

Forests : An ad hoc intergovernmenal forum on forests will be formed which will identify the elements of international arrangements and mechanisms

Energy : Gradual promotion of the cost internalisation, minimising impact on developing countries and encouraging the reduction of subsidies.

Transport : acceleration on phasing out the use of leaded gasoline; promotion of integrated transport policies, and partnerships for strengthening transport infrastructures and developing innovative mass transport schemes.

Means of implementation : Domestic mobilisation of resources as well as Official Development Aid will be used to implement Agenda 21.

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