Wake up Mr Minister!

JULY 17, 2000: "I am under compulsion to start using CNG technology despite problems because of the Supreme Court order.'

AUGUST 6, 2000: "The apex court's insistence on implementing the order is similar to an adamant two-year-old child who insists on having a particular thing.'

OCTOBER 24, 2000: "The problem is that none of the manufacturers are able to meet the given timeframe. This has created problems. However, no way we would be able to put 10,000 CNG buses on road as per the deadline.'

DECEMBER 8, 2000: "I am blindly spending public money on an unproven technology. I am prepared to introduce CNG in the buses. Once I fit them, I will take the vehicles to the court and ask them for gas. We don't want CNG but the previous government said they will introduce it and gave the court an affidavit. I am sure the then chief minister did not even know the full form of CNG.'

DECEMBER 12, 2000: "Meeting the Supreme Court's March 31, 2001 deadline is practically impossible as it not only involves adding a large number of CNG buses to the existing fleet, but accompanying infrastructure as well.'

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