About fixing the Y2K bug
Is the millennial fever too much for you to resist? Are you already imagining all the havoc that the Y2K bug will cause to computer systems across the world? Also, do the spiritual aspects of the turn of the millennium arouse your interest? You can find a bit of everything to do with the momentous turning point. If you are interested in trouble-shooting advice for your personal computer, many of the leading computers and software companies have web sites devoted to the year 2000 problem. The Y2K pages at Microsoft ( com) and Intuit ( are two of the most common sources of information. If you are an out-and-out techno-freak, you may want to visit the Year 2000 Information Centre (www.year2000. com). And if your appetite to know more about the millennium glitch is still unsatiated, you should check out the Y2K Newswire (www.

Fly high
For those who can never get enough about flying, offers a place to spend many a interesting hour. Find out the science and workings of aeroplanes and all about the people who built them. And if your queries extend beyond the atmosphere, then go to station.nasa. gov/index-n.html, where you can find out about manned missions into the final frontier. At www.nytimes. com/library/national/science/nasa, you can find out all

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