Report of sub-committee for the issue of amendment of definition of “Handloom”under implementation of the handlooms (reservation of article for production) act, 1985

The Handlooms (Reservation of Article for Production) Act dated 29.3.1985 was enacted by the Government of India with a view to protect interest of millions of Handloom Weavers and rich cultural heritage of the country from the encroachment on their livelihood by Powerlooms/Mill Sector. Under the Act, initially 22 textiles articles were reserved for exclusive production by Handlooms with certain technical specifications. Based on the recommendations of the Advisory Committee, these items were reduced to 11 vide Reservation Order Notification No. S. O. 556 (E) dated 26.7.1996 and further amendment thereto vide Notification S.O. 2160 (E) dated 3.9.2008.