2014 Global Go To Think Tank Index report

CSE with global rank of 17th is the top-most environmental think tanks amongst developing countries after the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The Global Go To Think Tank Index (GGTTTI) has become the gold standard of excellence for think tanks around the world and is widely cited by donors, journals, think tanks and policymakers. More importantly, it has served to raise the profile and performance of think tanks. The 2014 GGTTTI marked the 8th year of the publication of the Index report and with each year the ranking’s influence has grown. For the past several years, the Global Think Tank Index Report has been launched at the World Bank and United Nations in January. This year over 80 think tanks, intergovernmental organizations and civil society organizations simultaneously launched the Index in global cities around the world. Over 20,000 academics, policymakers, journalists and think tank scholars and executives participated in the annual indexing process.

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