A plan on conservation of water quality of river Ganga: a segmental approach

Restoration of Water Quality of river Ganga is high on the National Agenda. The Government is committed to put its best effort to bring back the sanctity of the river. The major cause of concern of river Ganga relates to disposal of un-treated/partially treated sewage into the river and using the river-front for disposal of garbage including plastic as well as open defecation. Sewage disposal resulting in rather high presence of fecal coliform bacteria makes the river un-fit for bathing and potable purpose. The CPCB has made an attempt to evolve a segmented Action Plan which is based on identifying sources of pollution and assessment of pollution load of each segment of the river. With regard to industrial pollution Control, CPCB intends to strengthen on-line monitoring and vigilance for ensuring compliance by the industries. Besides, directions have also been issued towards promotion of conservation of water and adoption of Zero Liquid Discharge system.

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