Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding mining in and around Parikrama Kshetra in District Bharatpur in Nagar and Pahadi Tehsil, Rajasthan, 14/07/2017

  • 14/07/2017

Order of the National Green Tribunal (Central Zonal Bench, Bhopal) in the matter of Haribol Das Baba Vs. State of Rajasthan & Others dated 18/07/2017. The State of Rahasthan had constituted a committee under the chairmanship of Divisional Commissioner, Bharatpur, to look into the grievance of the Sadhu Saamaj Samiti with particular reference to the Parikrama Kshetra in District Bharatpur in Nagar and Pahadi Tehsil. Tribunal have been informed that so far the committee yet to visit the area.

NGT directs the chairman of the said committee to visit the area in question and submit its report and recommendations with observations on the issues being highlighted by the Sadhu Samaj Samiti and also look into the grievances of the mining leaseholders who have been granted valid leases and environmental clearances. NGT's Order clearly states that a balance between both sides may be observed keeping in view the interest of the Sadhu Samaj Samiti which is advocating the interest of the pilgrims and yatris and also the mining lease owners. More importantly the forest department shall bring to the notice of the committee the steps which have been taken with regard to the restoration of the environment and forest in the areas where the mining operations had been ordered to be closed.