Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding mining in Ambaji, Banas Kantha district, Gujarat, 25/07/2019

  • 25/07/2019

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Naresh Kumar Parmar Vs Union of India & Others dated 25/07/2019 regarding mining in Ambaji, Banas Kantha district, Gujarat. A Committee comprising of State Environment Impact Assessment Authority, Gujarat and the Gujarat Pollution Control Board inspected three mining sites in Ambaji and submitted a report. No mining activity was found due to self-closure by the mining companies due to lack of Environmental Clearance (EC).

Tribunal pointed out that the report did not mention whether any mining closure plan was submitted or followed for the mine closures. Also, overburden of many mining leases operating in the area was being dumped in the natural drain, obstructing the natural flow of water and causing siltation of water courses. The Committee has been asked to ascertain the facts and work out the environmental compensation for the damages caused due to illegal mining. "The value of the illegally mined minerals, Net Present Value of the ecological service foregone and the cost of restitution shall also be worked out at a deterrent value" the order read. The Committee has to file a new report, within six weeks.