Nepal disaster report 2019

The Nepal Disaster Report, 2019 tries to comprehensively map the events, activities and programs carried out by the government, non government sectors and other humanitarian partner during the years, 2017 and 2018. This report presents a brief background on different risk of hazards along with the impact. It has briefly highlighted the damage and loss and its trend due to these disasters. This report elaborates the initiations of the government, covering sectoral and non-government DRR initiatives during these periods. In terms of Nepal’s roadmap and achievements made so far, this report has recognizes the major outcomes on the achievements on DRR Strategic Plan of Action 2018-2030. Finally, this report put forth some way forwards out of the lessons from the disaster impact and DRR initiatives during this period, for all tiers of government and stakeholders. Nepal’s priority actions on DRR are identified as the guidance towards localization of DRR policies and activities contributing towards building resilient nation.

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