Multi-actor initiatives in action: Lessons from the Sustainable Diets for All programme

Sustainable Diets for All (SD4All) is an advocacy programme, coordinated by IIED and Hivos, which is designed to improve access to healthy and sustainable diets for low-income communities, while highlighting the important link between food and climate. This paper documents the results of three multi-stakeholder initiatives (MAIs) that have come about through the programme: the Food Parliament in Buikwe, Uganda; the Food Change Lab in Zambia; and the La Paz Food Council in Bolivia. The paper aims to strengthen our understanding of MAIs by showing what works and what doesn’t. It also provides actionable recommendations for people designing MAIs both within and beyond the SD4All programme. Each case briefly describes the MAI and how it works, and summarises the main outcomes and lessons. The paper concludes with a series of general recommendations drawn from these case studies.