Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding factory of MRF in village Tisk, Usgao, Goa, 24/09/2020

  • 24/09/2020

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Kashinath Shetye & Others Vs Chief Secretary State of Goa & Others dated 24/09/2020.

This application was filed under Sections 14 & 15 of the NGT Act, 2010 for stopping construction of Madras Rubber Factory (MRF) on land bearing survey no. 259. Other prayers were to maintain wetlands as per the Wetland Rules, by removing the encroachments from the embankment of river Khandepar. Prayer was also to demolish a bandhara (check dam) built by MRF near the river.

The state authorities informed the Tribunal that there was no violation of the Wetland rules or Forest law. The project was not within the buffer zone of any water body and is zero liquid discharge (ZLD) project. It has been in operation and no pollution was ever found. The expansion of the project would also not affect the river or any other wetland. The issue of protection of wetland was being independently dealt with and 10 wetlands around the project in question are likely to be notified as protected wetlands, including the Khandepur river, the NGT had been informed.

The NGT dismissed the appeal and said that there was no information or material to show - any violation of wetland rules, damage to any water body or evidence of violation of environmental norms.