Affidavit on illegal sand mining in Panchnand area, Uttar Pradesh, 09/09/2020

  • 09/09/2020

Affidavit by Ajay Pandey (applicant) by way of additional evidence to prove the illegal sand mining in the Panchnand area and river Yamuna with its tributaries in the districts Etawah, Auraiya, Jalaun and Kanpur Dehat of Uttar Pradesh and Bhind of Madhya Pradesh.

The sand mafia before the rainy season (June - October), stores the huge stock of sand openly and clandestinely also by illegal mining and then transports and sells the same in various states of the country from July to October. Thereafter on downing of the water level again starts the illegal sand mining openly with the protection from all concerned who are responsible for stopping the illegal sand mining.

The applicant in his report mentions an incident where a truck was seized carrying illegal sand June 13, 2020 near Anantram Toll Plaza in Auraiya district on Kanpur-Delhi National Highway but later on disappeared when the police had gone to the Toll Plaza for taking the same in custody. Consequently F.I.R was registered against the truck owner and driver and the police also said that disappearance of the seized truck was the result of the connivance of the sand mafia of the area.

At least 13 trucks had also been seized by the police on the river Chambal bridge, connecting Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh in Etawah district between July 5-6, 2020. According to the police, the trucks were coming from Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh towards Uttar Pradesh, loaded with illegal sand and concrete, the report added.

Note: The affidavit was filed before the NGT September 9, 2020 and uploaded to the NGT site on October 7, 2020