Action plan by the Municipal Administration, Telangana to save river Krishna and Tungabhadra, Telangana, 27/02/2021

  • 27/02/2021

Action plan submitted by the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana in Suo Motu application No. 27 of 2016. The NGT January 29, 2021 directed the concerned authorities to file independent response to the NGT regarding the action plan that they are going to take to implement the direction issued by the court to save river Krishna and river Tungabhadra in their region.

The report stated that there are five urban local bodies (ULBs) from river Krishna. The five identified towns are not located on the banks of river Krishna - have significant distance from the river and thus they cannot be the source of pollution for river Krishna. However, the respective Municipal Commissioners have taken multiple initiatives in each of these ULBs for municipal solid waste management and sewage management, to ensure that there are no environmental concerns on the river Krishna, due to these ULBs.  

Nearly 51 TPD municipal solid waste is generated from these 5 uLBs and all these ULBs are doing composting of the wet waste and have established dry resource collection centres (DRCCs) for processing dry waste generated in the ULB. It is estimated that nearly 15.94 MLD of wastewater is generated from these 5 ULBs. As short term measure, faecal sludge treatment plants (FSTPs) are proposed to be established in each of the 5ULBs.