Planning and prospects for renewable power: Eastern and Southern Africa

East and Southern African countries possess vast potential for renewable energy development. Co-ordinated regional plans will play a vital role in scaling up the use of renewables for power generation, strengthening regional power supplies, meeting national climate commitments and ensuring energy security. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) supports countries across East and Southern Africa in their aim to promote collective actions for increasing sustainable electricity generated from renewable sources in the region. IRENA's Africa Clean Energy Corridor (ACEC) framework envisages a broad, North–South power transmission corridor that encompasses 21 continental countries in the East African Power Pool (EAPP) and Southern African Power Pool (SAPP). This report, the fifth in the series Planning and prospects for the renewable power: Africa, assesses prospects for the power sector in countries from the two power pools through to 2040. The report includes recommendations for potential generation and transmission projects of regional importance, with the aim of informing regional power planning processes.