Food insecurity and hunger in Africa

It is a very concerning situation that over 100 million people in Africa are facing catastrophic levels of food insecurity (Integrated Food Security Phase Classification-3 and above) and the situation may worsen in the coming months especially between June and August 2021. The socio-economic impacts of Covid-19 have become wider and deeper especially in developing countries. The secondary impacts of COVID-19 could have long-lasting affects across the continent, particularly for those living in poverty. In Africa, a continent with a high proportion of workers in the informal economy, the most vulnerable have been hit hard. In Africa, people face the challenges of either too little water or too much water – cyclic patterns of drought to floods to droughts – impacting vulnerable groups either by floods or by famine silently due to profound impacts of climate change. People are becoming more vulnerable due to civil unrest, displacements, population movement and other complex socio-political and economic factors.

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