Environmental guidelines for poultry farms

New environmental guidelines on India for poultry farmers have indicated that small and medium poultry producers should take similar measures to their bigger counterparts to prevent environmental pollution. The guidelines define as follows the difference between a large, medium, or small poultry farmer: Small: Those producers who have between 5,000 to 25,000 birds; Medium: Producers with more than 25,000 and less than 100,000 birds; and Large: Producers with more than 100,000 birds. The guidelines state that small farmers are mostly economically backward and are part of the unorganized sector. Most of them keep birds for their own consumption and have a small quantity available for commercial sale. For establishing and operating a medium-sized poultry farm of 25,000-100,000 birds, a farmer will have to obtain a certificate of Consent to Establishment or Consent to Operate. This will have to be taken from the State Pollution Control Board or Committee under the Water Act, 1974 and the Air Act, 1981. Permission will be valid for 15 years.

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