Report by the Tambaram City Municipal Corporation, Chennai, Tamil Nadu to the NGT on the disposal of sewage/sullage water in the storm water drain which leads to Thangal Eri lake, 25/04/2022

  • 25/04/2022

Report by the Tamnaram City Municipal Corporation, Tambaram, Chennai to the National Green Tribunal (NGT) regarding implementation of Solid Waste Management Rules and disposal of sewage/sullage water in the storm water drain which leads to Thangal Eri.

100 per cent door to door collection of waste is being implemented and source segregation is being done at the time of door to door collection itself. The wet waste collected from the area is processed in the MCC located at Ambika Nagar. The dry waste is transferred to Kannadapalayam transfer station located in Tambaram and from there the same was sent to the cement factories for their uses. Earlier the Municipal solid waste was dumped by the town panchayat in the open dump yard nearby Madambakkam Thangal Eri.

With the merger of the town panchayat with the Tambaram Corporation - the Tambaram Corporation has taken the decision to close the dump yard. The dump yard was closed, December 24, 2021 and there is no fresh dumping of solid waste in the said site. Preventive steps were being taken to control the leaking of leachate from the dump yard and clear the existing dump by way of bio mining.

Further, there is no discharge of sewage in the storm water drain which reaches Thangal Eri lake. Sullage water from kitchen and bathroom alone was discharged by some of the households in the storm water drain and notices have been issued to 22 such households.