Report by Kochi Metro Rail Limited on Kochi Water Metro Project, 28/09/2022

  • 28/09/2022

Report filed by the General Manager, Water Transport, Kochi Metro Rail Limited. The petitioner, K G Prathapa Simhan has asked for directions so that constructions of a permanent nature having a height of 18 meters over the boat jetty terminal in the back waters at Ernakulam near Marine Drive be stopped.

The report stated that the Kochi Metro Rail Limited was assigned the task of executing an urban water transport project named the 'Kochi Water Metro Project' on behalf of the government of Kerala. The Kochi Water Metro Project envisages to connect 38 jetties and provide inter-model connectivity between jetties, bus terminals and metro networks across 78 kilometers.

"The project envisions a holistic development of the area being connected by waterways as well as integrating the waterway system as a part of the entire public transport system of the city with focus on connecting people," the report said.

The clearance/no-objection as required for construction of boat terminals including High Court and Mattancherry terminals of Kochi Water Metro Project was obtained from Kochi Municipal Corporation, Kerala State Wetland Authority and Kerala Coastal Zone Management Authority. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has given its final clearance for the project, October 1, 2019.

The Kochi Water Metro Project is an essential means of transportation for the residents of island communities around Kochi, especially during floods when other modes of transportation are literally non-operational.