Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding stone blasting, Obra, Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh, 04/01/2023

  • 04/01/2023

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Dr. Sanjay Singh & Others Vs State of Uttar Pradesh dated 04/01/2023.

The application has been registered on a petition sent by various persons of Sonebhadra making a general grievance that on account of stone blast mining activities, the residents of Billi Markundi, Sector 9, Obra, Sonbhadra are adversely being affected as their houses are getting damaged.

The court directed a joint committee comprising the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board and District Magistrate, Sonbhadra to visit the site, collect relevant information and submit a factual and action taken, if any, report within two months.