Report by Deputy Salt Commissioner, Mumbai regarding steps taken to remove C&D waste from salt pans, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 12/10/2023

  • 12/10/2023

Report by Deputy Salt Commissioner, Mumbai in compliance with the National Green Tribunal order dated March 15, 2023.

Madhura Rajesh Tawade in her application to the NGT prayed for remedial action against damage to the environment in Mumbai city near coastal road at Wadala to Mahul, close to Chembur to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus freeway by adding C&D debris on the salt pan, making island out of it and encroaching the same, affecting the mangroves which are important for Mumbai city.

The NGT, September 28, 2022 directed removal of unauthorized dumping of waste, removing of illegal encroachments and restoration of the area as mentioned in the committee report. MCGMA was aked to prepare a time bound action plan with budgetary support in the matter and issue directions for scientific handling of waste. The Salt Commissioner, Mumbai was also directed to take necessary action in the matter.

In pursuant to the NGT orders dated September 28, 2022 and March 15, 2023, the office of the Deputy Salt Commissioner, Mumbai had taken action.

The demolition drive was conducted and about 60 illegal structures were demolished. In addition a compound wall has been constructed along encroachment prone boundary of CS No 144 so as to prevent further encroachments. The Deputy Salt Commissioner, Mumbai directed the salt manufacturers - Hormoz Salt Works to remove C&D waste dumped in salt pan land immediately and also to remove unauthorized structures in the land.

On failure of the salt manufacturers to remove C&D waste, the Deputy Superintendent of Salt, Wadala filed police complaint on March 27, 2023 against the salt manufacturers.

Till June 21, 2023, 20 loads of dumpers of C&D waste were removed by the salt manufacturers from CS No 145 of Salt Pan Division.

As per the report of Deputy Superintendent of Salt, Wadala, there is no lifting, transporting and processing of C&D waste from the bunds of M/s Hormoz Salt Works since June 22, 2023. In the last week of June 2023, the salt manufacturers approached the NMMC, Vashi to obtain permission for processing of further quantity of C&D waste but by the time they got permission for processing of further quantity of C&D waste, the monsoon started and due to incessant raining, lifting and transporting process was halted.