Pune gets grant to clear the air innovatively

  • 14/10/2006

The us Trade and Development Agency has recently awarded a us $296,000 grant to Pune to reduce the city's vehicular air pollution through innovative measures.

The grant will fund a project to retrofit diesel-fuelled buses with technologies designed to reduce toxic emissions as well as test low-sulfur diesel. Launched in collaboration with the Pune Municipal Corporation and National Environmental Research Institute, Nagpur, the project will also conduct environmental impact assessments of retrofitting technologies. Retrofitting is becoming popular in the us, Europe, Hong Kong, China and Mexico, since it affords the on-road diesel fleet an opportunity to reduce emissions. In India, only those cities that have access to cng have been able to reduce emissions from diesel vehicles. So, experts involved in the project hope the knowledge generated by the project might help both the countries to reduce vehicular air pollution.

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