Two Wheelers

  • Strict US norms for motorcycles

    Strict US norms for motorcycles

    The US Environmental Protection Agency has kickstarted the cleanup drive for highway motorcycles by revising their emission standards after two and a half decades. The new norms, which are more stringent, were notified on December 23 and will come into ef

  • Poor trade offs

    Two-wheelers are the latest victim of the fight to get a better brand image for low-cost cars. Industry says cars typically provide a higher level of emissions control than two-wheelers. The limited data churned out by ARAI show that while hydrocarbon and CO emissions from two-wheelers can be as high or surpass those of petrol cars, NOx and particulate matter levels that pose a serious health challenge are several times lower than diesel cars. Moreover, on a per passenger basis, a car emits two times more compared to a two-wheeler and four times more compared to a bus. <br>

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