Outlook (New Delhi)

  • Striptease of death

    In Orissa, antediluvian is a paradoxical term, for it describes the post-flood situation - primeval darkness engulfing the last rays of a civilised world. And after the flood comes the slow death.

  • Parade of the Proboscides

    The death of at least 18 elephants in northern Assam's Nameri national park since early July this year has sent forest and wildlife authorities of the north-east on a wild-goose chase. The reason:

  • Starved of logic

    When the Supreme Court last fortnight censured the Centre and states for failing to provide food to starving millions despite a 60-million-tonne surplus of foodgrains rotting in godowns countrywide,

  • A well-stung Bee

    An IIT Delhi professor, Sujoy K. Guha, has developed a male contraceptive, which, if successful, could make a significant dent in family planning policies. The phase III human clinical trials, which

  • Eat a peanut

    Empty stomachs make for emptier classrooms : a simple equation that our government just doesn't seem to get. This is inspite of the Supreme Court's landmark order last November, ruling that all

  • The Baby and the bathwater

    Proceeding the strategy change was a realisation that the approached favoured by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFA) - that overall socio-economic development is key to controlling population -

  • The tyranny of numbers

    Ranking human development is always intimidating. And the Indian government has been especially edgy about getting on with the task. It has been suspicious, claim people in the know, with 'human

  • It's Dow or Die

    For 17 long years, victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy have been waging an inexorable battle for justice, fighting obstacles corporate power and government apathy have placed in their way. It's this

  • A bitter concoction

    With the Rajya Sabha passing the Patents (Second Amendment) Bill on May 9, Indian pharma companies seem to have lost a crucial battle. Although Union commerce minister Murasoli Maran asserted tat

  • Anti-climatic

    Talking about the weather is serious business in mumbai these days. Mumbaikars cannot understand why summers are getting hotter and drier, rains more intermittent and that November nip in the air

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