Outlook (New Delhi)

  • The parasite killer

    A new, highly effective cure for visceral leishmaniasis, one of the most deadly diseases of the developing world, has been developed by an International team of scientists, reports the New Scientist.

  • Waifs of the gutters

    The drains of Alwar are throwing up flesh, barbaric evidence of India's bias against the girl child these days. In the ditches and festering garbage heaps of this non descript Rajasthan town, aborted

  • Will he take a rain cheque?

    It is inexplicable why the Union agriculture ministry turned deaf ear, for over a fortnight, to sos from farmers that a drought loomed large. The ministry exposed full faith in the predictions of

  • Doodling at Jo'Burg

    India's presence at the World Summit on Sustainable Development at Johannesburg was virtually invisible. This is in sharp contrast with the event's precursor the 1992 Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro

  • The no fly zone

    Endangered Sarus cranes are openly sold as pets in Lucknow's bird markets even as wildlife officials conduct half hearted

  • Whose baby is it anyway?

    Six ministers in four years and not a single paisa's rise in the budgetary allocations in two years. It's not difficult to assess where the department of health and family welfare figures in the

  • Power to the people

    In 10 years Digvijay Singh has successfully given politics the colour of people's participation. All this was made possible by the attention he paid to taking governance to the grassroots bringing

  • Parchlands

    Rajasthan, ravaged by drought, has been running on a hope and a prayer. Clinging desperately to the faint possibility of a normal monsoon this year, farmers are planning pujas and yagnas to

  • Life & Times of a treedom fighter

    The play of names has almost a touch of fable here-Nirakar, the formless one, regenerating the primal form of a forest that had passed into the mist. For the last 20 years Nirakar Mallick, a small

  • The horn of plenty

    Rhinos have a space crunch, thanks to successful conservation. It's a problem of one too many these days at Assam's famous Kaziranga National Park, home to the once endangered one horned rhinoceros.

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