Outlook (New Delhi)

  • Child is the father of man

    Inhabitants of a poor Calcutta slum learn about hygiene and health care from their kids. Somewhere in an obscure corner of the city of joy, a group of boys and girls are rehearsing a play. It's

  • Condom, condemned

    Health experts are flummoxed by Sushma Swaraj's moral turn on AIDS awareness. Given the latest shift in the Union health ministry's AIDS programme away from condom centric campaigns the groups most

  • Merciless celsius

    Poverty, drought and now the heat plunge Andhra in a macabre dance of death. It's not just nature's fury. And Chandrababu Naidu's claims of a cyber revolution and march towards a Swarna Andhra

  • The mane don't fit

    Fifty-five lions have died in Gir in the last two years. According to Sanat Chauhan, former principal chief conservator of forests, "many more lions are likely to die given that the 1,400 sq km

  • Snowbolling

    Illegal variants of GM seeds are threatening the future of cotton in

  • Beastly cityscapes

    Female foeticide isn't rural India's original sin anymore. The country's urban centres are as cruel, if not more. More recent data and analysis is now bringing out the fact that, contrary to

  • Plunging columns

    The UNDP Human Development Report figures are damaging, but inconsistencies remain. In India, the way a child grows up, or whether she grows up at all, depends on where she's born. Census figures say

  • Bye Bye, Tiger Wood

    A lush forest turns a giant golf course overnight? Well, on paper, it's already happened. The Ajit Warty committee appointed by the Maharashtra government to chart out the development of Mumbai's

  • Sowing pains

    Soil degradation forces the country's granary to look at alternative crops. A million hectares under paddy-wheat cultivation are to be replaced by alternative crops in the next five

  • Rural roadblock

    The state's hyped employment scheme is in doldrums. But no one thinks it's time for serious

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