Report on the pollution in Bandi river by textile industries

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) released its first study in May 2006 on heavy metal contamination in the Bandi basin due to textile dyeing and printing industries in Pali city. This research was initiated in November 2005 on the request of Sri Kisan Paryavaran Sangarsh Samiti, a farmers group spearheading the fight against the surface and groundwater pollution by industries. The study found that pollution management system in Pali was in shambles with only 45 per cent of the effluents generated were tapped for treatment before disposal into the river. Even the effluent reaching the common effluent treatment plants (CETPs) was inadequately treated as they were badly designed and operated. The partially treated and untreated wastewater was mixed and discharged into the dry river and finally dammed 50 km downstream at Nehda leading to groundwater contamination severely impacting livelihood and public health. The study outlined the need for a rethink in pollution management strategies so that the health and livelihood of thousands of villagers downstream Pali could be saved. The administration and the industry agreed that there were problems and assured of action.

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