Camel milk consumption pattern and its association with diabetes among Raika community of Jodhpur district of Rajasthan

Raika community (OBC) in Jodhpur district is commonly known for keeping camels and might have been consuming camel milk in their diet. It is reported in literature that camel milk consumption may be responsible for reduction of the occurrence of Diabetes in the Raika community which is researchable issue. With this aim present study was conducted in Raika community comprising of 258 individuals from two villages viz. Mongra and Bhatinda of Jodhpur district, Rajasthan. The data was collected for demographic and general information regarding possession of camel along with the usage of camel milk and diabetes. Nearly 27 percent of the Raika community kept She - camel but consumption of camel milk by the Raika community was less (18.6 %) and consuming low quantity. No individual was found to be suffering from Diabetes whether they were consuming or not consuming camel milk and observed almost negligible (0.6 %) symptoms of diabetes i.e. polyurea, polydepsia and polypepsia. Still there is a dilemma demanding more research work in this direction.

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