Road accidents in India - 2016

There were 4,80,652 road accidents in 2016, claiming 1,50,785 precious lives and leaving another 4,94,624 persons injured. In 2-16, accident severity measured by number of persons killed per 100 accidents has reached 31.4 and 46.3 percent of accident deaths were in the age bracket of 18-35 years.

The present volume of `Road accidents in India - 2016' provides information in various faces of road accidents in the country during the calendar year 2016. It has twelve sections and covers information relating to road accidents in the context of road length and vehicular population; profile and long term trends; accidents in terms of classification of roads; accidents in terms of involvement of vehicles and road users; causes of road accidents; inter-state comparisons; share of Million Plus Cities; spatial and inter-temporal distribution of road accidents; international comparisons; road safety initiatives taken by the Government of India etc.

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